It is unlawful for any person to throw, dump or place in any manner whatsoever any refuse upon any streets or alleys in the Borough of Northumberland, or for any person to permit his agent or anyone under his control or supervision to do the same. 

Refuse is defined as garbage, rubbish, waste and trade waste which in turn are defined as all putrescible animal and vegetable matter resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food; solids, including but not limited to rags, old clothes, leather, rubber, carpets, wood excelsior, paper, plastics, ashes, Tree Branches, Leaves, Grass, Yard Trimmings, furniture, cans, glass, crockery, masonry and any other similar materials; all solid or liquid material, rubbish and waste resulting from construction, building operations or the prosecution of any business trade or industry; paint, chemicals and petroleum products, incuding but not limited to grease, oil, deisel fuel, gasoline, kerosene and all other similar materials.

Any person violating this ordinance for the first time shall be given 24-hour notice to
remove the refuse. Except in those instances where the refuse creates and emergency
situation or hazardous condition, the person in violation shall be directed to remove the
refuse immediately. Should any person fail to remove the refuse after being notified to do
so, the Borough may remove the same and bill the violator for the cost thereof.

The penalty is $50 minimum, and $500 maximum plus costs.
The point of bringing this up is the leaves in the street.
Leaves piled in the street
are more difficult to pickup, they are wet through and through, whereas
those on the curb only the top layer is wet;
can become a frozen mass capable of damaging the plow; and
can block the drains and the storm sewer system.
Thank you for your assistance.